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Young Guru x Skillshare contest: C-Tru Night Music Mixing Journey #YoungGuruContest

The song I decided to submit to the Young Guru x Skillshare contest is called "Night Music".

Here are the links to the soundcloud upload of the un-mixed and mixed versions.

C-Tru - Night Music (un-mixed)

C-Tru - Night Music (mixed)

Taking the Young Guru class definetly made a huge difference in my mix as you can hear.  One of the first things he taught was the importance of mix organization.  I implemented this in my project by properly naming each track and organizing each part, from the instruments to the vocals.  It was vital to do this since (see from the screenshot below) I had many tracks to work through.

I used Logic Pro 9 to make my song.  Before taking the class, I would immediately add compression to all the tracks and raise the gain of the tracks I wanted louder.  Little did I know that this ends up making the mix lose its dynamics.  By following Young Guru's advice to adjust the volume on the tracks and use panning, I was able to achieve a nice balance in the levels of all the tracks.  The most important instrument in the main melody is the guitar, and with that in mind, I cut a lot of the low frequencies to help push it out in the mix on top of the drums.  I also cut a lot of the high frequencies in the bass and that helped in pushing the main vocals in front of the mix.

I wanted the song to have a heavy, dark, atmospheric sound.  So I followed the tips on the FX section to add the right amount of reverb and delay on the vocals and instruments to give it that dreamy feeling I wanted.   Boosting the mid and low frequencies of my drum tracks using EQ as well as applying a compressor with a more aggressive attack let the drums come through the mix more.  

Last step was checking the tonal balance of the whole mix.  It sounded pretty balanced to me but a little lifeless.  To remedy this I added an "exciter" plug-in (Logic Pro plug-in) on the master bus that helped add a little brightness to the mix and sparkle to the high end frequencies

That's it!  Hope y'all enjoy it!


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