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Young Guru x Skillshare: A Tengu's Flood Tide

  This Tengu has always been playing.   For classy fun, this Tengu has created a production completely on iPad!  We started with a Loopy!

This Tengu then converted his loops (recorded with iPad mic) into samples to be sequenced in a Beatmaker 2...which rhymes with poo...and is abreviated BM 2!  Thankfully it looks better than poo!

As you can see, the tracks have multiplied!  A Tengu decided that some of BM2's drum and percussion samples felt appropriate.  Feeling complete with our ingredients, it was time to convert our sequenced samples into wav form so Auria, our mixing DAW could have a go at them.

Here's Auria with the raw .wav's, named, but needing a haircut.

Now that we got the hair out of the eyes, let's check out the mixing board.

From here this Tengu went about finding levels and panning.

That sounds much clearer!  Notice the highlighted "R"s on tracks 8, 10, 11, and 12; those indicate panning and fader automations on those tracks, mostly for the ending build.  From here this Tengu went about EQing and compressing (only used a tiny amount of reverb on one of the vocal parts, this Tengu felt any more reverb muddied the waters too much).  Here's a picture of the Fabfilter Pro-Q, which was used for almost all the tracks.

Also in attendence is the PSP Microwarmer (Tengu's n00b-friendly, compressing friend)!

After that it was time for checking the master track (Tengu found that tidbit at the end of the lessons to be very helpful, one of my own missing links!) in the Pro-Q...

A little bit of frosting on top, a new name (from Rainy Day to Flood Tide), and then mixdown to Soundcloud!

Here is a link to the completed mix:

and here's the unmixed version:

This Tengu appreciates all who have read through his project and listened to the music that came out of him.  We hope it is of service to others, and we openly accept feedback and communications!

Thank You, Thank You,

Tengu Tengu


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