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Casanova (UnMixed)

Casanova (Mixed)

My name Is Kenneth Johnston, and ive been engineering for about years utilizing a mixture of Cubase 5 and FL Studio. I have a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication with a Audio Production Focus so When I first learned about this class I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to hone my skills as an engineer.

Following Young Guru even from the Beginning I began to organize my session.

Sometimes i am a disorganized person, so I am trying to get into the habit of naming every single channel even if i already know what it is. This came in handy when i need to make a change to a particuar channel. I also made sure i went through and i deleted places that seemed like it was nothing being recorded on the channel

Then went to determine my overall levels for the song. Like Guru, I also prefer having my drums on the far left side of my mixer.

Seeing Guru Start with this faders down was a bit different then what ive seen others do. I followed this approach because it made sense to start with things low to focus on 1 thing at a time. As i raised the levels of each instrument, i also decided to Pan certain things Left and Right. I noticed there were many different channels for the Guitar so i started by panning out one part of the guitar to the left and guitar the same but on the right. This begins to create a stereo image for the song overall. 

Creating the Sine wave was interesting.   So to Before this session, i have never really mixed down a live Set before so i had to do a little bit of research.Cubase uses a bus system but instead of the term Bus it uses  "Groups Channels"  or "Fx Channels." Depending on what you are trying to do. To create a Sine wave in Cubase i made a group Channel and looked for a Plugin called TestGenerator.
for cubase users you can find this in Plugins>tools>TestGenerator. After the test Generator, I applied a Gate and routed the kick drum to the group channel track to trigger the Gate. The gate i used was C1-Gate (One of my personal Favorites)

For adding EQ Compression and Reverb I used the same plugin Guru used. Although Cubase has a dedicated EQ interface in each channel, I decided to use The Channel Strip because it already has Compression built into it From there i applied EQ to The kick for Punch and used the low end of the Bass to balance with the kick. I used the Gate feature on the kick to to eliminate the Bleed on the snare. From there i applied EQ on the remaining instruments making sure to turn down all unwanted frequencies first and then enhancing the ones I liked. I used the same channel strip to apply compression to the vocals reducing the dynamic range about 3-5. I did not want to choke the life out of the vocals of course. After Doing an A|B comparison it was a large difference between the growing Mixed version and the Unmixed version

Tonal Balance was also familiar to me. When I was reading about mixing i came across this concept but It was known as Harmonic balancing. Regardless of what its called the over all point is to check the overall tone of your entire mix across the Frequency spectrum. Generally, I read that generally the overall spread should be a slow Decline from Left to right , From low frequency to high frequency. For Tonal Balance I used the Izotope Ozone Equalizer. I also set its capture time to Infinite so that it would give me the overall average image over the entire frequency spectrum

when i analyzed the Master Track i realized teh Mid Range was a little high so i just turned in down a bit. I also noticed the Vocals were being overwhelmed by the Horns. The vocal ride technique was new to me but i felt that the vocals already had its quiet points and its loud points. so Instead of using automation to control the vocal level I used SideChain Compression on the horns For this i used C6 SideChain this was a similar technique used for the Sine wave creation to enhance the kick Guru Explained Earlier in the lesson.

After i finished with this i just made some overall Tweaks to my mix and DONE!!

Overall this has been an excellent lesson. Although some of these concepts i already knew it was still an enriching experience. I am looking forward to competing in the contest Good luck everyone and KEEP MAKING MUSIC!

My Mixed Superstition

My Unmixed Superstition


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