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Young Guru X Skillshare Contest

Here are my Mixer and Instrument channels for the Superstition Mix. If you want to see my original work go to the bottom of this page. Thanks.

  • Drums - Green
  • Vocals - White
  • Bass - Blue
  • Guitars - Indigo
  • Clavs - Red
  • Horns - Gold

Here is my Playlist view. Same colors.

Anybody else watch these guys religiously? New episode features Young Guru by the way.

Lesson 1: Organizing The Mix

I cut out all the random sounds that I could. Horn players coughing and sneezing, Stevie's random yelps, and a bizarre sound at the end of the lead vocal that sounds like a dog slurping water from a bowl. My bpm is set to 99 but I saw Young Guru's was set to 97. Oh well. Also I accidentaly cut the end of the song off so I'll probably be fading it out later.

Done cutting out the fat. On to Lesson 2!

Lesson 2: Determining Levels

Drums - I took the approach of the drummer's perspective and panned the snare and overheads slightly to the left while keeping the kick in the middle.

Vocals - I kept the vocals in the middle. However I did clone the lead vocal and moved it a baby hair to the right to give it that overdub effect.

Instruments - I wanted the guitars and clavs to play off each other as if we were on stage. I imagined the clav as being to my right and the guitars to my left so I panned them until I heard what I was looking for. The bass is straight down the middle and the horns are panned left and right.

Balanced volumes and panning. On to Lesson 3!

Lesson 3: Applying Effects

Here come's the good stuff.

Equalization - For the EQ I'm Using FL Studio's stock Parametric EQ 2 plugin. For the guitars I cut out everything above 10khz while for the clavs I cut out everything under 200hz. I did this because I thought they were clashing too much. I boosted the kick 6db at 180hz and made minor tweaks to the snare and overheads. I also went in and cleaned up the rest of the sounds of any unwanted low end or top end.

Sine Wave Kick Sub Trick - Used 3xOsc to create a sine wave. I gated that signal with the Fruity Limiter and then side chained the kick to open the gate.

Vocal Rides - For my vocal rides I linked one of the knobs on my midi controller to the lead vocal volume knob and manually adjusted the dbs for the whole track live.

Reverb Send - I followed Guru's instructions and set up a reverb send to which I routed the vocals as well as the snare, horns, one guitar, and one clav.

Compression - I am used to compressing things pretty heavily so I had to tell myself to tone it down for this project. I'm still not sure if I got it right but I just went with what I thought sounded good. I put some compression on the lead vocal as well as the overheads.

Mix is sounding pretty decent so far. On to Lesson 4!

Lesson 4: Tonal Balance

Final Mix - I EQ'd the master bus and applied a small boost around the 10k range. Also used a compresseor to control the dynamics of the song. I also applied a quick fade out at the end. Finally I am exporting in 16 bit. Below is the culmination of all my mixes as I went step by step through the process. Hope you enjoy.

Superstition (LVIS Mix) [Step 1]

Superstition (LVIS Mix) [Step 2]

Superstition (LVIS Mix) [Step 3]

Superstition (LVIS Mix) [Step 4]

I loved this class and hope to be involved in more of these in the future. On to the Competition!

Next I will be posting my original material. Stay Tuned!

Ok so here is my submission for the #YoungGuruMixContest. The name of the song is The Flood.

The Flood (unmixed)

The Flood (mixed)

Here's the proof. Posted 10/16/2013 at 11:23pm.


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