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Joey Bounce

Record Producer, DJ. Ceo of Beats By Bounce



Young Guru X Skill Share Mix Contest

My name is Joey Bounce. I am a Producer that Hails from Kansas City Mo.

This record is an R&B and Pop Record with heavy influences from artist like Justin timberlake and Robin Thicke. This is an original Record, meaning the beat, lyrics and harmonies are organic. This record was done as a demo to see how well I worked with the artist, the song came out much better than we expected.

The record took 3 days to complete mainly because we took our time to insure we got the best takes with the equipment we used. The DAW used was Protool 9 HD and Reason Propellerhead. The Production of this track was Primairly done in Reason to simplify my drums and percussion. Afterwards, the trackouts were transfered into Protools and then finished using VSt's The record was mixed using Waves Bundle. 

Any feedback is welcome as this is a growing process for us all.  FINAL   RUFF

[email protected]

[email protected]


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