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Young Girl

First of all, I enjoyed this course a lot! I had never learned so much stuff in half an hour! Watching these videos made me think I could do my homework in about the same time. How wrong I was!...

The following are some of the face sketches that resulted from my brainstorming exercise: 

And this is the improved version of the one I chose:

I picked this one because I liked the head gesture and beacuse I wanted to make something different from the example shown in the tutorial. 

Question: My countour lines are not as precise as the contour lines from the character in the  tutorial... What can I do to improve this? Do you recommend a different brush or an specific configuration? Could it be that I`m using an Intuos tablet and I`m less precise because of trying to draw up in my computer screen? I will appreciate very much any feedback on this!

The following is one of my middle steps:

And this is my final result after lots of retouching and tweaking:

Not perfect... But very satisfied with my improvement! 

Any kind of comments will be very appreciated! Thanks!



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