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Jenny Young

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Young Down to Business Crest

My final design might seem a little unorthodox and less family oriented, please allow me to explain. I was adopted and do not have much in the way of family history or an interesting back story, hell I don't even share a last name with any of my family...none of us do anymore. So I decided to make a personal crest for myself and something that represents me. Design, photography, and printing are a very large and even all-consuming aspect of my life. It's my day job, fun job, hobby, and passion. 


As you can see I started out by making some icons of my commonly used tools. At first I was trying to fit them all inside the crest like a lot of the others crests I saw during my google search. I then realised it looked a lot like a pocket and I wanted to go with the look instead. The pocket itself seemed rather boring plain so I wanted to give it a plaid texture that also look like a cutting mat. I decided to forgo the leaves and finials and use another tool for this all well. 

For my color pallet I knew I wanted to use the color teal because my online presence and nickname is Jenteal. Orange is always my favorite color to pair with that so it was a natural choice and didn't take much thought. 


Really enjoyed this exercise and wanted to thank Aaron Draplin for an entertaining class and for sharing his industry knowledge.


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