You'll Find Real Love

You'll Find Real Love - student project

It's a little recent but I am choosing Kid Cudi's song Love as my inspiration. As usual, Cudi delivers a song with a powerful message. To me, it means as long as you are willing to keep your head up and sustain that self belief then you will find true happiness. I am constantly trying to push myself and discover a passion for my work. Outside influences can often disrupt your path and force you to question yourself and the choices you make. This is not a bad thing however. As long as you have faith in yourself and keep pursuing your goal, while focusing on the things you love in life that inspire you, you will find true love.

Kid Cudi- Love

The set of photos that I selected are all things that inspire me. Things that help when I'm just tryna maintain. 

You'll Find Real Love - image 1 - student project

Nothing more exciting than walking around NYC at the start of a new day. I could be biased because I grew up here, but this is the best city in the world.

You'll Find Real Love - image 2 - student project

When you're on track but still unsure of your destination.

You'll Find Real Love - image 3 - student project

Without these two people right here I would not be the person I am today. The love they give is contagious. So blessed.

You'll Find Real Love - image 4 - student project

This is a photo I got of Janelle Monae jumping into the crowd. Her performance was full of energy and is a great example of why hard work and true talent make a hell of a mixture. Oh and shes fine too ;)