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"You wouldn't dare"

This is my first idea for my project. I'm here, at work, remembering when I was a little kid. Me and my sister (4 years younger) had the best fights, like any other brother. 

So there was this day, were she was picking me up because I basically couldn't do any rope jumps (I was pretty overweight, so was she). The "yo mamma fight" begun, and there was a point when she just took the rope and put in her mouth. I was so pissed off, and when I saw part of the rope on the floor... I steped on it.

We looked at each other. We looked at the rope. 

She said: "You wouldn't dare"

I smiled. And pulled the rope. 

Probably one of the dumbest moves of my life. She started crying all over, her mouth was bleeding and..

there was my dad.

He basically became a kaiju (yep, kid's imagination), and I started running for my life. 

I hope to remember a couple more moments in the next few days :)


I really loved the idea of a little angel and a little devil representing you deciding what to do. I was a real fan of the Mighty Morphy Power Rangers, and I wanted to be Jason, the red Ranger, when I grow up (C'mon, he was a robot-T-Rex pilot. ). So I thought that being a good guy, he was going to be the one to say "don't do it". Still working out if the devil's concept.
Maybe that idea will slow a little bit the pace of the scene, but add some "what the.." moments. Don't know yet if it's the best option, just testing some ideas. 

After my dad transform himself into a giant monster:


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