You were (not) there ~by yours truly

I am not  a native English speaker but I've been writing songs (for my own satisfaction, that is).
Here is the latest one that I wrote and recorded using my Xperia X10 (it's bad quality, I admit it).
Note: I'm not good with music notes and all that jazz, so I played simple guitar chords...

Here is the link to the song:


[Verse 1]
I'll be keeping my distance or else I'll be sucked in
I don't want to become the laughing-stock of the year
It's a paradox, but I want to see you beside me in the picture
baby come and tell me what you want to say...

I've come across many seas to count, lots of high mounts And you were missing
And I've been falling down, for a long long time. Now I realize You're the one I need
And I have walked for a thousand miles, inside my mind looking for you But you were not there.
That's why I'll stay inside my shell.

[Verse 2]
I'm still waiting for the right time to say the right thing
But I feel I'm never gonna break the walls inside my heart
And I want to let you know so that you'd let me in to your mind
I will tell you what I want, so now hear me out



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