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You think you know but you have no idea

Hi, I'm Ashley and I am a General Manager of three elite personal training studios in Ottawa, Canada. When I started this project, I felt like I knew my business inside and out. I knew all odds and ends. Let me tell you, it was quite the eye opener. I was racking my brain trying to come up with the best plausible responses. I like to do a great job. The first round of questions, I did great. The second round of getting to the core of things - not so great. It was driving me insane. It seemed so straight forward. I would send it to the one who referred this course to me (my boss who founded this company) and all he would reply was no. I was thinking sales tactic without looking at the big picture. My immediate thought process was to come up with the perfect answer to not lose the prospect or reader. I was reiterating what I've said countless times to a prospect when signing up without wanting to scare them into purchasing. I was not thinking creativity - I was thinking system and follow through.

The reality of our business is people come to us with a fear of dying. A desire of peace of mind knowing they are taking preventative measures to work on their health conditions and improve their quality of life. They want to connect with others and like minded successful people. They want to be inspired. I've taken on a new role in the company and have to change my entire perspective. I have to understand the core of the business and that can be frightening but exciting. I was recommended to take on this course by my boss. At first, I was going through the emotion of just get it done. Then I really got into it. It was challenging but yet so simple. I had taken my marketing course when I was in Business. It's evolved incredibly. I was learning new things. I was remembering old things. It's a great feeling to know that I hadn't wasted a ton of money and feel as though I got more out of these videos then I have ever did in my three year program. 

I started off with my eleven questions. It was good to have this on paper. It was even better to have to think outside the box. I swear I listened to the videos three times because I wanted to do well. My favorite question was what promise are we going to make? My word is my everything. I remain true to it. It was great to be reminded of our story. It was great to come up with different ideas to empower our brand. I was coming up with new ideas and new ways to tell our story. I wanted to showcase my work. I wanted to showcase my wrong answers as well. My answers that I had to ask for help (after attempt number 3). I felt overwhelmed with all of the possible answers. I felt as though we had so many options and they all felt right. You can have so many emotions - worldwind of them. How naive of me. 

Here are my answers below:

1. What is marketing for? Marketing is to share our story that is so vivid and true and brand to people who want to hear it or have yet to hear it. For FFF, it's about freeing yourself by applying our three pillars and providing a quality service. We paint that image for them. 

2. What are we allowed to touch? We are allowed to touch emotion. We aren't allowed to touch unhealthy living habits. We aren't allowed to cover costs.

3. What can we measure? We can measure anything digital - google word ads, we can measure walk ins, we can measure call ins, we can measure referrals.

4. What can we change? We can change wants and needs. We can also change their perception on training all together. Personal training has a bad rep from Goodlife - we can change their perception and view on the training world all together. 

5. What promise are we going to make? That we guarantee to provide them with an excellent experience during their journey. It can be a long road to redemption but it lasts a lifetime. We then over exceed their expectations with perks to wow them even more. This is prob my fave question

6. What is the hard part? Currently, quality control. Ensuring one: the client is in fact seeing results and two: ensuring they've received all of the right tools (meal plans at different intervals, before pics, measurements, testing, heart to heart talks, etc). Ensuring they remain without injury

7. Should we make trends or follow trends? For this question, I truly believe that we need to make trends in order to be a long lasting business. It's a line of business that's been around for some time with people coming up with new trends left right and center. 

8. Where is the risk? The risk is losing customers and risking our brand image. Risk would also be that they would not feel like our service was worth their time and money. Lack of value for a premium. 

9. Who is in charge? JLB and Chelsea. 

10. What is the money for? to invest to receive gain. 

11. What is the most important way to spend my time? Being organized, having an agenda and following the rules of "is this important, is this urgent, can I delegate?" My time is most valuable. Need to spend it well

Second part:

Describe the business or brand you are marketing

We are marketing an elite personal training business. Our brand is about freeing yourself from all limitations whether that is mind, body or soul. Allowing you to regain control of your health and living life properly with no boundaries. 

My wrong answer was for Emotions:


With exercise - it is more of a fear tactic and delight tactic. Fear they need to live a life of health and prosperity to enjoy all aspects of their life. Delight would be feeling better about themselves and having the confidence booster they needed


We have the ability to change their lifestyle and perception/thought process on exercise and clean eating. Exercise is a chore to the majority of people. Clean eating is expensive to the majority of people. Time is an obstacle to the majority of people. By providing 30 minutes workout and allowing us to change their perception on physical activity and clean eating - we are providing them with the tools necessary to make that change. Another change would be contracts (that we have eliminated as well) by positioning ourselves against our competition who does yearly contracts and makes it impossible to get out of it


 Is certainly something I would like to work on more. In order for us to do that, we must continue providing good and valuable information and services. I would love to utilize this tool in order for us to have people engaged when we launch something new or have sessions on sale.


Telling a friend they are fat and need to use our services is hard. We need to break barriers at no/low risk to them. Perhaps channelling this option as a feature to a sign up option of bring a buddy to a workout (buddy pass) and utilizing an email. See example below:

Hey ______,

It's been two weeks since you've joined us (we can work with the time length, maybe even specifics for year, 6 months, etc to make it personalized). I've attached two buddy tickets for you. A friend of yours is a friend of ours. If ever you're in a pinch and want to get a workout in but can't because you have a lunch date with an old friend. You can choose to give them as a gift for a session with a trainer OR they can have two shared sessions with you. It'll make it fun for you and quite competitive. I should also mention they do have an expiry date. Regards, Ashley

(just a thought)


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