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You know that one person who always nods off at parties?

Yeah, that's me. I fall asleep early, wake up late, and still never seem to have enough energy to go around, no matter what I do. So here's hoping I can change that. 

Already doing right:

- Getting proper exercise (twice a week in the gym and nice, long NYC walks)

- Lunch walks during the day

- Limiting coffee intake. 

To do this week:

- Keep that limited coffee intake to before 2pm.

- Don't eat before bed. I'm a snacker so this will be tough. 

- 8oz of water at night. 

- Use FLUX

Hope to do as time goes on:

- Buy a bright light box, to help me awaken and focus while working. 

- Stop sleeping in on the weekends. 

- Start using a delayed alarm. I actually have Sleep Cycle downloaded but never tried it - part of my problem is that I'm hearing impaired and need a pretty strong vibrating alarm to go with an app. Any recommendations on the best one? 

Also, I'm a bit late to the class so I missed out on the worksheet - would you happen to have an updated link to that?


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