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"You just make it odd."

I love comedy. I love having fun. I would say laughing so hard until I pee my pants is probably one of my top 5 goals in life. I also absolutely love typography. When design and humor are mashed into one it makes for a perfect peice of art. There are many quotes and phrases I could have used from the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Amy Pohler, Chelsea Handler, and many more. I chose "you just make it odd" from The Heat. This phrase is simple yet it says a lot. It reminds me of when my best friend tells me she hates me but it's out of love (or I think). It's like a tough love.

Words range from sassy to beautiful on my word list so I was able to come up a few looks and feels! I have this prankster/toy board, circus/clown/vintage, old entertianment posters, an airy beautiful type treatment board (curse words expressed in beautil script treaments will never get old to me), and finally the more quirky inspiration board. I am hoping to explore these various looks/feels and hopfully I will end up with something cool!

Wahoo for finally starting. Ignore any spelling mistakes I have thank you!

My type warm up! So my A.D.D sort of came into play with this organized chaos of type experimentations. I found some great inspiration along the way. I found this awesome "hairy" yet pretty type done by Erik Marinovich in addition to this fun modern play on these vintage letters. I am obsessed with the coloring and treatment the artist used. I didn't think I would go with this sort of decorative circus type face but after research and sketching I think more of a theme might evolve and new twist. I didn’t want to forget about fanny packs, braces, whoopie cushions and Tvas because they always make me laugh and are the epitome of awkwardness and oddness.

Revised Letter Warm-up

My sketches! Getting a little weird. Can't wait to sketch my final 2/3 options. Hope this is going in the "odd" direction. I think I am looking at a combination of imperfect typography and funny additional elements and the circus inspiration.

Here are my next stages of sketches! I kind of like the sketch with the Type legs with Tvas. I think if I tired a different layout and spent a smidge more time it would turn out better. I also may go with the mustache with cereal option. The circus type is a direction I didn't think I would end up going. The really hairy letters are so weird. The soul patch took it a little too far.

Final - Work has been crazy and I have had to stay late nights! I think I could have gneo and done more options for this theme but this is what I ended up with. The colors are super in your face and uncomfortable which I am not sure I love. I think this would act as a poster or card of some sort. I am happy with with the circus font because I didn't think I would go in this direction! I felt like making the type too hairy or using my socks and tevahs was possibly to unpreidctable for me. I really learned that you have to keep redrawing to get soemthing you are happy with. I realized after a drew and re-drew a sketch it turned out better each time.


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