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"You had to have the BIG SALAD!"

My favorite TV show of all time is Seinfeld, and I really enjoy doing lettering using quotes from it. I've been wanting to do an illustration of "You had to have the BIG SALAD!", so I incorporated the process from this class into my project.

My word hierarchy is:

  1. Big Salad
  2. You
  3. had to have the 

I wanted to experiment with incorporating a banner, some flourishes, and words in a shape. I also love the look of hand-drawn serif lettering. 

My sketches started simply:


Then I worked in more variety with my elements:


With the next sketches, I pushed myself to try different approaches, to test whether I really liked my initial concepts:



And here's my final drawing:


I think it's an interesting composition as a whole, but the lettering gets lost in amongst all of the little food items. (Except for Big Salad!) 

I really like a lot of what came out of the sketching process, and could see carrying several of them to final layouts focused on the lettering without the salad illustration.


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