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You do it You save Video Security System

Better Hidden or Better Visible?

One main component of security is prevention, What good would hidden cameras be if you’re trying to prevent a crime from happening in the first place?

They need to be seen. 

The biggest advantage of visible CCTV cameras is that they are a deterrent.

visible CCTV cameras make people think twice about committing a crime or doing something that they really should not.

If a criminal sees that there is a chance they are going to leave some sort of evidence at the scene, they more than likely going to choose another target. 

Lets say that someone is brazen enough to still try and come into your home, now you want to be able to get even more information as to what they were doing inside while you were not there. 

Having a well hidden covert camera can often provide more details of a perpetrator due to them being less cautious when they think no one’s watching.   You would never know that there was a camera contained inside, and they worked well for their purpose.

The covert nature of these cameras means that even if intruders have knowledge of them being present, they have no idea of their field of view, which means that, if placed correctly, any suspect behaviour will be captured.

Do not give anyone the whereabouts of hidden cameras.

When it comes to cameras in the workplace, I feel that it keeps honest people honest.   In a workplace having overt cameras is a good thing, so that everyone knows that they are being looked after. 

Another consideration for your security system is the quality of the recording device.  More commonly know as the DVR or NVR.

What you need to look at is what kind of details you'r looking to get out of the recorded image.

Your camera is not the only consideration.

You could have the best most expensive camera on the market, if it is on an inferior recorder.  What good does it really do you?

You know a crime happened and you can see the crime happen, but you do not have enough detail to know who committed the crime.

The more details in an image the better the video footage will be in apprehending a criminal.

Many homeowners choose to combine the two types of camera to protect their property. Visible cameras are typically used on the outside of a house and hidden cameras placed inside the home.

If buyers have any questions or concerns about a CCTV camera that they wish to purchase, they can simply contact the PLD Security to request further information. Our experts are also able to provide advice and guidance regarding which type of camera would best suit a buyer, particularly our Web store specialises in electronics, surveillance, or home security.





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