You can't please everybody so do it for yourself.


Start of the project! I decided to pick this phrase out of many others: You can't please everybody so do it for yourself.

I like it since it's pretty straight-forward, and a nice reminder for myself. I've made a moodboard with lettering that I like for this phrase.

In noticed I kind of like the dark and white contrast, so I think I'm going to use that. I also have a soft spot for swirly kind of letters, so I'll keep that in mind as well. I also notices that I like handlettering within some sort of illustration. I'm an Illustration student, so I think I will take that to the next level.


My warming up! I left one out because I just found it to be too ugly :) I'm pretty satisfied about the rest. It isn't there, but it's something. Looking forward to the next assignement!


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