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You are my angel

Part 1. Choosing a phrase.

I decided to start with pretty short quote. It's a hard moment for me to choose meaningful phrase. I want it to be romantic, because I think it could bring me right feeling to make beautiful and nice calligraphy. The best of my ideas was to get some lines from the song. I chose song "Angel" by Massive Attack, and my phrase is "You are my angel". I like this song and especially because it plays in menu of my ever favorite game "Vampire: the Masquerade". Also Angel - it's me :) My name means Angel. And this phrase sounds kind of romantic.

Part 2. Sharing practice worksheets.

I've bought few types of nibs: pen holder with 5 flat nibs kit and separately 2 pointy nib: one super cheap and another... cheap :) More expensive one is the best. It's all that I found in my town, and I want to search for some more kinds of nibs maybe in online stores. Super cheap nib is very tough, it's too hard to make it spread. Also I bought cheap ink and not so cheap ink. Expensive one is much much better. And I made experiments with paper: I practice on cheap printer paper and results are very poor: it suck an ink very fast and there are not so much difference in line width: impossible to draw hairline. And I also practice on watercolor paper: it was so much better. So my advice: don't use super cheap materials even for practicing.

Here my sheets, they almost all on watercolor paper.


Here at the middle is practicing with my flat nibs with different sizes.


And this is printer paper:


A beautiful copy of beautiful example:


And practicing alphavet:


I need more practice, but I'm pretty happy with my results. It's so funny! And so beautiful. I should ask all my friends if they need something to write! (and I need to draw russian alphabet)

Part 3. Final.

I had a lot of practice with my phrase, trying to make it look balanced and also I made experiments with backgrounds and different paper. I decided to use red ink because my phrase associates for me with vampires. But I also used black one with different backgrounds.
Here the photo to show you how crazy I were: I written the same phrase basically in the same way such a many times...))


I realized that to reach good result I must keep balance between chaotic elements and alignment and slant. In my latest steps I draw all lines: base lines, lines for height of small letters and slant lines (but it was hard to follow them anyway). Here's one of my pencil sketches:


And here another my attempts:


As you can see I decided to go on with longer version of my phrase to get more space for experiments with balance. Once I realized that I can make a frame in a shape of a heart and I like this idea.
I have few favorites and I scanned 3 of them as a final. I think that the last one is the best but I'm not sure.




With such a long practice time i became much more confident and has learned a lot of things. So that's true: practice means a lot. I bought some beautiful paper and now I gonna write beautiful letter to my friend and mail it!


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