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You are my Sunshine (my only sunshine)

I want to make a print for my mother. She's moving in with my and my boyfriend in a month and I want to make her room a little bit more cozy. She would always sing this song (You are my sunshine, my only sunshine) to me when I was a kid. I thought this would be the perfect phrase to use for a house warming gift! 

Related Words:

Bright, light, airy, fun, comforting, adorable,yellow, lines (sun rays), sunflowers, dots, spring, bumble bees.


Going off those related words I saught out examples that represented some of them.


One word, many ways

I picked the word "sunshine" to focus on for the first exercise. I think it presents a lot of challenges with the two 'S's and the lower case h. I have always had a hard time connecting those two letters together.

I found that making a balanced 'S' to be trickier that I thought. 


I really like the way these turned out - I think I'll use this style of sans-serif for some other words in the phrase.



Writing in script was a challenge, because I always want to make it a hybrid of script + sans-serif. So I tried both! I like the combination of the script + sans-serif the most, but love the 'S' from the script version.



This was really fun to make! I love how it turned out, but probably won't use this style for this design.



I was going for more of a 'brushed' look with this. But it didn't turn out.


Refined Script

I liked how the letters were shapped in the script version but wanted to give them a little bit more depth, so I decided to refine them a bit more.

I really liked the 'S' from the first script so I wanted to try that one again too. Loved how this one turned out the most. 



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