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You are NOT the mistakes you have made.

This is my quote and my thoughts.

So I decided to make this a gift to my husband. It is somewhat personal, however the quote is:

I've been going on the theme of bandages, wounds, pain, crumpled paper, erasers, stiching etc.  Here are some of the inspiration pictures.

None of this is my art, ok.. this is just some things on Pinterest I found.

Going on with the theme.  

So I thought about making the word mistakes in the shapes of erasers.. that was one thought.  Or like the mend image, doing stiched letters like patches, stiches without perfection of course.

Or possibly the word mistakes written on a torn peice a paper, don't know how good at shading I'd be though.  Time will tell.

My third thought would be to hold MIS - TAKE together with a safety pin.  I imagine several elements can be combined, but I am afraid that my drawing will not be good enough.  We'll have to see.

I really liked this vintage first aid tin, going along with the theme of mistakes/accidents etc.  

Some more erasers and type of vintage eraser brands, plus an awesome sketch of a crumpled peice of paper.

I really like the styling of the Stiches and Screens type, basically a bold like type with a drop shadow. Plus it does use a sewing needle as well.


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