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You Little Rebel

I'm usually a "jump right in" sort of person, so I definitely need to learn some first steps to doing my projects! My phrase is "You Little Rebel. I Like You." It's part of a larger quote on a poster I saw on Pinterest once, and I love it--I love any phrase with rebelliousness in it, really. Perhaps because I'm not much of a rebel myself?

[Inspiration and sketches coming soon]

This is my final product*--this sketch has been digitized (since the elements were on separate sheets) and cleaned up a bit but I haven't settled on colors for any of the layers yet. What do y'all think?

*I lied.

So I made some changes--I like it MUCH better now. Feedback welcome again :) (To answer Shane F's question, the x's are inspired but whiskey/moonshine bottles--it'll be more clear once I get to uploading inspiration and sketches)


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