You Like Beer

Beer is developing its place in the sophisticated world. Waning are the days of thoughtlessly chugging mass-brewed garbage, and rising are the days of careful contemplation and true enjoyment. 

One of the best ways to truly experience and catalogue a beer is to keep a beer journal, a small booklet that asks all the right questions to help you properly recall the important aspects of a beer. Which glass was it served in? What were the aromas like? How drunk did it get you?

All of these details and many more all combine to create the unique indentity of a beer, and keeping track of them is a wonderful way to not only remember the beer, but to learn about it as well. Toting aroud a physical medium can be tough (or, at least, inconvenient) to do in this age, but that's where an app could come to "save the day;" instead of a physical journal, the You Like Beer app, an extension of the Ben Likes Beer "brand," could step up as the option that you carry around with you anyway. Taken a step further, this app could act as an interactive guide of sorts, taking you through all of the things you should be observing to enjoy a beer to the fullest of its potential. 

Ben Cary

Digital Artist and Beer Blogger