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You Know Better, You Do Better

So this was my first time using After Effects and I learned so much! Thanks again Jake! 

I started off with this hand lettered piece I made for my senior show at Ringling College of Art and Design. It's a quote from my Grandma, Rahiman Adalsha. I wanted to animate it for the show but I had no time to learn.


I followed all of your steps and I got to this final animation:


I wanted to animate it to look like the line to draw "better" was continuously going but this was helpful and maybe i'll try again sometime soon. I suppose I would have to vector mask each stroke of the word instead of each letter. (: Is there any way to animate the direction of the stroke, maybe the opacity appearing as it progressed?

edit: oh man! I should have animated the stroke going through the two T's after the end of the whole time O:

Next time I definitely want to work with little accents and flourishes animated around my lettering.

-Aleena Hayatt


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