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Ohn Mar Win

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You Hold the Key To Happiness

I've been collecting inspiration quotes for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to be creative with them. There were many that were over the 10 words that Mary-Kate suggested, but I felt the one I chose had lots of scope for imagery or a illustrative approach.

Thankfully I already had a board on Pinterest for typography. And as expected there was a vast array to choose from by searching for more. I was quite drawn to vintage labels or circus type poster art. I imagained this would be displayed as a poster or stamped on a journal cover to remind yourself of ones journey to unlocking potential.

This is my warm up - the second attempt. I felt I was too tight and unimaginative the first time round. I was trying to find ways of introducing the elements of keys or keyholes within the body of the letter form. Some work better than others but I'm really pleased overall & gave me plenty of ideas.

So this is me playing around with some ideas. Been very enjoyable and had fun looking at the Once New Vintage link for ideas. I want it to sound like a statement, like an advert perhaps. Not sure where this is going but any feedback welcome

So I played with a few more thumbnails based on the ideas that were working best. One really stood out and I managed to pad it out to create a rough layout.

I had a look at vintage tins and packaging for the decorative linework. I imagine 'happiness' will have some sort of deep drop shadow effect - when I get a chance. I'm really pleased with this so far. Any feedback most welcome.

There were a few amendemnts at the 'refine' stage. 'Happiness' was not working with the larger H so I adjusted that, plus the drop shadow. I also added a small decorative border in keeping with the details within the body of the 'you' and 'key' type. Looking at the sun burst at the bottom I feel it could do with a few more small decorative elements too. The negative spaces between the K and E also has a small swirl now. Am a bit nurvous about inking up but I can't wait to see it finished.

So here we have it. There were several versions of 'happiness' as I couldn't quite get the line shading to work. I also realised because the 'e' wasn't really centered it threw a few things out, so affected the border and the swirl near the 'y'. Overall I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Now I'm looking forward to Mary kate's next class so I can take it a step further.

I made the amendments that Mary Kate suggested. For some reason yet again I could not get the 'line shadow ' effect in 'happiness' to match up - because I had them on a different layer. I guess with time and experience I'll figure it out. I understand why its best to sort things out at the ink stage rather than fiddle around in the Mac - it all gets rather complicated! So this really is the finished piece


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