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Becca Fowler

classically trained.



You Have Brains In Your Head

I am so glad I took this class! I've been doodling a lot lately, combining my calligraphy with sketches, and people have asked how they can purchase a copy of my work. I feel so humbled and excited that people are into my art, so I decided to take my doodles to the next level and learn how to digitize them.

This specific piece was one I was commissioned to make. I started out making two different sketches, and decided on the one with less calligraphy.

Both were sketched in pencil first, and then quickly traced in pen. After figuring out the center of each line and total layout, I created a full-size sketch (8x10).

Before taking this class, I would just free hand everything, only drawing guidelines now and then. But I decided to follow Molly's techinque and penciled in lines for letter height and to mark the center. I found it very creatively freeing to remember that any mistakes made during inking could be fixed later in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Somehow, in this first draft, my banner on the bottom ended up much too low, so I corrected the placement in the next step while I traced everything in ink to be scanned.

The process of cleaning it up and "perfecting" it in Photoshop didn't take as long as I expected. I feel much more comfortable in Photoshop than I do in Illustrator, but I know that experience will build confidence so I just need to keep playing around. Here is my final piece:


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