You Had Me at Meat Tornado | Skillshare Projects

Tierney Roberts

Graphic Designer/Illustrator



You Had Me at Meat Tornado

This is the first hand-drawn typography project I've ever done, so it might not be as intricate as it could be but is, rather, more of a quick experimentation. As a huge fan of Parks & Recreation (and with the final season just around the corner), I knew I had a lot of good quotes from this show to choose from, but Ron Swanson really has the best short one-liners so I went with "You had me at 'Meat Tornado.'" I initially was going to hand-drawn the illustrations, but at the size I rendered the letters, I couldn't get a fine enough line with the tools I had for what I was going for so, instead, opted for an engraving effect in photoshop to match the late-19th/early-20th century butcher illustrations I was inspired by. I also took inspiration from vintage Whisky labels, wood-type, and other elements that fit Ron Swanson's persona (as well as the All-American color scheme). Thanks in advance for any suggestions on this quick project as I dive further into hand-lettered typography!



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