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You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Choosing an Idiom

I searched through many idioms looking for ones that had a bit of depth and were long enough to create a full scene with. I chose 'You can't judge a book by its cover' and began making a list.

Word List

My word list was fairly short, and I sketched alongside these as I wrote:

  • Book
  • cover
  • sleeve
  • personality
  • appearance
  • inside
  • outside
  • tatoos
  • mohawk
  • biker
  • knitting
  • cooking
  • looks scary
  • is gentle
  • deceived
  • misconstrued
  • protective
  • father
  • daisy chain
  • building blocks
  • tea party

My initial idea was a big burly looking book taking care of a cute little book, but the tea party idea stuck with me. The reason for this is that I could envision the books being slightly open, making their covers fully visible.

The inked sketch


While inking I also tried to see what the colour palette could be, aiming for 4-5 colours. It also showed me where I needed to separate elements so they could be coloured later.

Final Design


The biker idea contrasts nicely with the light blue tea set. The other book became a little more hipster than planned but I think fits the brief just as well. The typography wasn't as tight as I wanted, but overall really happy with everything. Hadn't really used the blob tool effectively before....will definitely now!

I didn't have access to a printer and blenders, so lacks that texture element, but will definitely add it to later attempts.

Thanks for taking a look at my attempt, and thanks Mikey for this great class!


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