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You Are What You Eat


And if you eat too much of one thing, you may find, that you are no longer the one in control... (if you listen to Nightvale, imagine that said in Cecil Baldwins voice...)

Heheh, so I love mushrooms, so much so that my boyfriend became concerned that the fungus had infected my brain and I was now just being run by mushrooms. 

Not totally improbable.

So! My sketchbook sketch


Computer sketch:


And the first go at ink and color. Havent gotten to the mushroom. And I tend to draw, sketchier, lighter? So my lines didnt work as well for coloring, there were little holes everywhere. I want to try and reink it and see if I can do a proper job. But this is it for now. Also I picked the colors on the fly, the hair and skin are melding...


Promise to keep working on it this weekend! I'm super excited about actually making stuff move ^-^

<--( computer dies here...)-->

Computer is back from the dead! Trying to make my mushroom look right. But I keep looking at my initial sketch and just like something about that better than where I am now... It's so tempting to kind of start it over... but some minor changes:


Gotta look at mushroom refrence... At least I've started again. Promise to keep going

eYup. Redo. But it went way fast this time. Months has given me perspective, I think the reason I couldnt get quite comfortable with the first iteration was just cause I was thinking about it too much, and so it didnt feel like me, my style. So, I dont have any real problems with the first one, but this one just feels more right. So! Mushroom then continue. 


<haha, this is stuper blogy. Im surprised I'm not noting what show I'm listening to while working (magic school bus, whaaat!) But it helps to motivate if I'm sharing my progress somewhere.>


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