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Bel Garza




You Are No.1

For my project I have chosen William and Emily from Spoon River Anthology. 

William and Emily 

There is something about Death

Like love itself!

If with some one with whom you have known passion,

And the glow of youthful love,

You also, after years of life 

Together, feel the sinking of the fire,

And thus fade away together,

Gradually, faintly, delicately, 

As it were in each other's arms,

Passing from the familiar room-

That is a power of unison between souls

Like love itself!

I picked William and Emily beacuse it spoke to me in a way the other poems in Spoon River Anthology did not. William and Emily was vauge enough for me to put my own ideas into the story. My adaptation will take place in the punk rock scene of 1978. My adaptation will stay true to the themes in the orginal poem all while it will be set in a stand out time period.


During the punk rock scene of 1978 , a moody girl and her care free bestfreind go out and see what they are missing out on in the "real world" . The big problems will seem small in the end when the girls find out how death is really like love itself.

Link to screenplay draft:

I know there is an additional title page and it willl be fixed by the time I upload my next draft.. Please just ignore it for now and keep reading :)

Although its been said I should remove the camera directions I had put in previously, I personally think they add to the story and I would rather keep them there. 

Draft number two: :)

Final Draft: 



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