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"You Are, And Always Have Been, My Dream"

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When I first started thinking of this project, I was certain I would illustrate a quote from Master and Margarita, my all-time favorite book. But I quickly realized that Bulgakov's style doesn't match the look and feel I'd like to achieve, so I had to seek inspiration somewhere else. I've chosen "You are, and have always been, my dream". It's a quote from "The Notebook", a beautiful romance novel/movie by Nicholas Sparks.

It's my first serious hand-lettering project and I am simply overwhelmed with all the styles and techniques out there and inspired by so many of them, but hoping to find my own. I am into romantic, vintage inspired lettering, pastel colors, lace, and flowers.

This will be a greeting card for my husband, who has always been my inspiration, my greatest support, and my best friend.



I chose the word DREAM for my lettering warm-up. I would like this word to feel light and airy but, at the same time, full of love, if it makes any sense. It's the first time I am doing this, so I have to go through tons of research to figure all the possibilities and find inspiration. So far, I haven't come up with something I would really like, I am just experimenting with shapes snd styles. It's just a warm-up, after all :) Here is just one of the sketches I've done, I'll be uploading more soon.

Ok, so after I played around with the word "dream", I realized that I don't really want my card to look too serious, I want it to be fun, full of bright colors, flowers, and cute details. Now I am exploring this idea. Here are some of the sketches. Your feedback is much, much appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I like the second sketch, too, so I'll try to combine some of those elements with the ones I like from other sketches. Let's see if I can make banners and flowers look cute together!


I'd like to get more feedback, so that I know what direction to go. Do you think the second layout, which seems to be everyone's favorite, is relevant to the quote I chose? Do you think it would look good if I combine that composition with the flower frame from the first or third sketch? Thanks!


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