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Yosemite Adventure

I began by watching the first few videos and then went browsing for my own vintage holiday poster on Brad's Pintest board here 


Here's the image that I chose to copy for this project. Yosemite is on my bucket list of places to visit, so this advertisment appealed to me. It has a strong colour scheme and lots of shapes to practice with the pen tool on.

Here's my first pass at the orange mountain-side in the foreground.

Next I worked on the blue mountains, moon and birds.

Whilst drawing these, I learnt how to set up 'smart guides' and 'snap to point' in the View menu to hep me select the anchors I wanted to manipulate and to get my objects to line up exactly. It was also at this stage that I began thinking about how all of my layers would stack up, naming them and which elements I didnt need to draw all of because they would be hidden (ie. the mid blue crags in the centre). 

I had been avoiding tackling the woman because she looked a bit more complicated. But once I'd rationalised her into smaller parts, this was actually the most enjoyable part to draw. 

The shading and rope were slightly different elements to build. The image that I was tracing pixelated a lot when I zoomed in to the level I needed, so I gave myself license to freestyle a bit when drawing them. That has whet my appetite for more of the same. 

Here's my final image, including the text, which was pretty basic, although I did have to edit the tracking which I hadn't knowingly done before. It's not exactly the same typeface, but is a close fit.

Now that I've finished it, I realise that I chose a pretty basic image to begin with and want to challenge myself a bit more. However, I now have the confidence to go and start working into some unfinished personal projects - this is exactly the reason that I selected this lesson to begin with. If I were to continue working into this project, I would consider adding some textures to the mountains.


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