York Region Realtor

York Region Realtor - student project

A website is being designed for real estate agent Sam O'Reilly. Sam specializes in residential real estate in York Region, Ontario, Canada. There are a number of agents which he competes with directly. He is eager to focus on providing his real estate services in York Region to help sellers, buyers, renters and landlords.

A competitive review was undertaken, and an asperational website was identified to influence the website design. In addition persona sketches were compiled to further understand the user.

1. Competitive Review

2. Persona Sketches:

Jack Hart - Apartment Owner Mark Kay - Home Buyer Mary Clark - Tenant Miranda Birks - Home Owner

  3. The content inventory was identified. User feedback was gathered from a set of 10 volunteers using OptimalSort's card sorting capabilities. The participants were selected using a recruiting screener. The participants grouped data labels that they expected to find together. They subsequently provided a category name for each grouping. Resulting data was analyzed  and results captured by the Affinity Diagram and Site Map outline. The competitive review heavily influenced the navigation of the Home page, which will display featured property listings in a prominently visible carousel style navigation. In addition, the primary categories are quite standard across the competitive websites and solidify the user expectations .

4. The Site Map outline led to the Visual Site Plan (using Slickplan).

5. Screenshots of the Home page and utility navigation were created using Balsamiq.

 York Region Realtor - image 1 - student project


York Region Realtor - image 2 - student project


6. The prototype of the YRRealtor website Home screen is displayed via Solidify. The primary utility nav was implemented in the prototype to test the key navigation. The Home page design includes a carousel displaying featured properties. In addition there is a client login in the top-right corner for quick access. There are also visual links for the two main user groups: sellers and buyers. This design incorporates features from the competitive website review and the inspirational example site. In addition feedback collected via the card sorting sessions shaped the utility nav and footer menu.