Yooo! That's dope

Yooo! That's dope - student project

This is something my brother and I say to each other when we like something. Simple as that.

I started with a felt tip pen sketch, took a picture with my phone and emailed to myself, then cleaned up a bit in Photoshop:

Yooo! That's dope - image 1 - student project

I didn't really like how blotchy it was, so I used the pen tool in Photoshop and retraced it, fixing a couple of things here and there:

Yooo! That's dope - image 2 - student project

I added some textures, started moving things around, and some time later, ended up with this!

Yooo! That's dope - image 3 - student project

This was a great class to have some fun with. I hope to do a few of these as a little series. Thank you to Mete Erdogan for this class. I had a good time!

Tim Jurgensen
Gotta make more stuff!