Yoka Studio Redesign

Yoka Studio Redesign - student project

I'm moving to a new studio space and this class helped with getting my thoughts in order about the new space. Perfect timing!

My sentence is:

'I want a CLEAN space that makes me feel IMPASSIONED, making my mind burst with thoughts of COLOR AND TEXTURE while inside my heart... it's like when I'm at A DESERTED BEACH DISCOVERING NEW CREATURES AND LANDSCAPES with zero DISTRACTIONS.'

Things I need at my fingertips:

Sketch books, pencil, alcohol ink, watercolors, guache, and ink. A Cintiq (someday!!)


Lettering pens and brushes, collage materials, clay and fused glass.

Rarely used:

Sewing supplies/fabric, yarn.


Here is my current studio, dog hair and all:

Yoka Studio Redesign - image 1 - student project


Here is the before of my new studio space:

Yoka Studio Redesign - image 2 - student project


Here it is in progress of being painted clean white (needs another coat, eh?):

Yoka Studio Redesign - image 3 - student project

The Studio is sparse (still waiting on another work table) and I used Amarilys's hexagon paint hanging system:

Teresa Shishim
Creativity pants - one leg at a time.