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Yoho yoho...

- Wednesday, September 7th 2016 -

My phrase: "Yoho yoho…"

The “…a pirate’s life for me!’’ is implied, of course, and won’t be included.
I always do this, for better or worse—distill text down to the barerst minimum of words. Therefore, my lettering probably won’t turn out as diverse as Mary Kate’s. But I’ll be truer to myself with this approach—few words; tons of meaning. 

So all this meaning I boast of…

To me “Yoho yoyo…” succinctly articulates the essence of the film Pirates of the Caribbean, which beautifully captures 3 of my favourite philosophies:

“Guidelines; not rules.” (Paraphrasing.)
Things such as popular mindsets, expectations and 'what normalcy would be' can sometimes really imprison you. It is immensely freeing to consider them in terms of ‘might’ instead of ‘must’.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold.”
It’s not just material things that are of value; our experiences are too. 

“Bring me that horizon.”
To broaden one’s horizons is to expand one’s range of interests, activities and knowledge; in a quest from 1) improving one’s understanding of things in- and outside of oneself, towards 2) acting upon one's discoveries, while 3) occasionally adjusting and frequently correcting course.

And to quote a different film (Amelia): “No borders, just horizons; only freedom.”


All right, on to the sketching:


I want to visually refer to the fact that the phrase comes from the song. To that effect: visually I like the music bar; conceptually I don’t—somehow I don’t think using bars is the way to illustrate freedom. So I’m picking the helm + compass + rope-effect. The flourishes and irregularity are a better (more subtle) fit.

However, the rope-effect in combination with maritime symbology has been done before; execution will be key. 



Im only a beginner letterer, not yet familiar and comfortable with all script possibilities. So I cheated and collected some font samples that I liked. 


Above I'm trying to piece things together. Meanwhile, a slight concept change happened: a horizon instead of a compass. 


I’m mostly happy with this, except for the top (and lower) ‘H.’ As it turns out, applying the rope-effect on a straight line feels off:





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