Yoho yoho a pirates life is for me. | Skillshare Projects

Ashley Aliko

Designer of Beautiful Things



Yoho yoho a pirates life is for me.

Wow. Much more challenging for me than I could have anticipated. I like drawing using pencil and paper. NOW using Bamboo Capture by Wacom. Enjoying learning how to get used to the new tool. I know I have to practice more and draw at least 100 more so I can losen up.

I keep thinking of a story for each one. The man on the right, standing for example. His character, he was once a clown, an artist, Dali style, a mime and a full-time bookkepper. His one dream was to be a pirate. 

My self assignment is to loosen up, play with shapes, and have more fun. This is a WHOLE new style for me.... Very challenging to LET go and allow it naturally. Matt and many others in this group make it look soooo easy!

Here is my Pinterest board URL. 


It's already populated with work I admire from other artists.


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