YogaFind - When you're in a new city or even just new to yoga it can be hard to find a yoga studio or class...

Milestone 3:

1. Wireframes: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz6pFdWsPi4hbTg5WmNnOXM1Tms/edit?usp=sharing

2. User Testing

A. Overall, users felt that it was easy to navigate and use but the journey seemed a little long (almost recommending that there should be separate apps per city)

B. Asked if there was a way to include studio deals/discounts (this would have to be something each studio is okay with or pulled from sites like Living Social) and have them as a constant presence

C. Someone pointed out that their needs to be a request to push for their location

Overall people seemed happy with the way the app would come together, but there are different places where it could be tweaked to optimize. My general feeling is that I'd like to know who the information comes together before committing to request B. And I don't feel that request A works for the intention of the app, but I also don't know how to cut down the path anymore unless you cut out how you search for the studios. (I'd like to have more tests before committing to that since only 2 people requested that.)

Milestone 2:

1. I've laid out the personas for a yoga practioner and a yoga studio. While someone going on this app might pay a few bucks to get it, they won't want to pay much. In order to monetize the app, it's best to appeal to the yoga studios. They can pay to be involved and it might be a great place for them to actively advertise one the app gets a strong enough base.

Goal: Connect yoga practitioners to yoga studios so that visitors/new practioners/recent movers can find a studio that makes them feel at home.

User Journey: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz6pFdWsPi4hTnJTVFFZSTR0d00/edit?usp=sharing

Personnas: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz6pFdWsPi4hOGM2MVVjSzViazQ/edit?usp=sharing 

Milestone 1:

Problem - It can be difficult to find a yoga studio when you're visiting a city, just moved to a new city or just starting yoga in a city you already live it. In larger cities especially, like New York or LA, there are so many options it can be challenging to find one that fits you.

#3: Is your customer who you thought they were? Did they have the problem?

Yes, the customer I imagined was correct. I spoke to a couple different people (yogi's who just started with a new studio/people new to the practice/etc.) and while they may have different reason's for looking to a yoga studio, all of them found it frustrating trying to find a studio they liked.

#4: Key Learnings

1. The biggest pain point in price - yoga can be really expensive and for people who are just starting the journey or just visiting a place, paying too much is an issue

2. Yoga websites can be a bit overwhelming - they tend to be crowded with images and tons of copy about different things. The community is always talking about something new or workshops, and the most useful info doens't always find it's way to the front. (They also look unprofessional.)

3. Most practitioners want to get a sense for the community and the teachers, reviews aren't always ready at hand but are something people are interested in. (For teachers alone and the studio as a whole.)

4. People would try more studios if they offered guest/first time packages

5. Listing facilities is great (often times you can't tell if studios have showers/rentable mats/water for sale/etc.)



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