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Yoga Teacher Training ONLINE

The GOAL: Take Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training ONLINE, generate graduates with mad skills and success stories, and eventually hoards of people sign up because they've heard it's a fun and excellent way to get certified AND confident about what they bring to the world.


[The headline:]

Turn the yoga you love

into the passion you live. 


What I got from Pranalife training was confidence. It was thinking, "Maybe I can do this?" and then graduating and teaching for the first time and knowing, "I CAN do this, and I LOVE this."

~ Carolynne Willis, Pranalife YTT Graduate  


[The vision:]

Pursue your goal to become a yoga instructor on your terms: at your own pace, with time to reflect and integrate your insights, focusing on topics that matter to you while making sure you get what you need to teach safe, inspiring yoga to other passionate, dedicated yogis.

Take 135 of your 200 hrs of training online from the comfort and ease of your own home. Then, join the other yogis in the Pranalife YTT community for 65 hrs of training at our in-person Pranalife YTT Certification Retreat, where you'll get intensive hands-on practice, individual feedback, the opportunity for Q&A with lead instructors, experts, and your fellow trainees, and build your confidence through plenty of practice and refinement. 

It's the perfect balance of self-direction and interaction. Do it your way, but not by yourself.


[The backstory:]

I've run Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training since 2008. It's gone through enough iterations now that I've got a pretty solid 1.0 version of the content and structure. It does well and people who take it rave about it, but it's limited geographically by the number of people who can travel to attend in person. I live in an area of just under 300 000 people who could reasonably travel to my training (though people have come from over an hour away), so to expand my reach I would either have to

  • move to a bigger centre
  • intensify my marketing efforts and eek out a few more (there are only so many people out of 300 000 who will want to take yoga teacher training)
  • take my training online and expand my market's boundaries

So, in 2015, I'm taking it to the Internet. The training would be primarily online but retain an in-person course component because of the inherently kinetic, personal aspect of yoga and yoga teacher training - and because I LOVE working with these amazing people. Having to book off 65 hrs of training (which can fit into 1-2 weeks) for certification is far easier and more cost-effective for most people than booking off 200 hrs away from a day job, family, friends, and/or home, so this solution becomes viable for more people.

This hybrid online/offline structure is the best of both worlds, and allows more than students, performers, and bored housewives of rich men to become yoga instructors. It also allows me to certify up to three times as many people because I can run the 65 hr in-person component three times a year rather than running one 200 hr training once a year. 

So, there you have it. Now, let's get into it - 

Freelancer vs Entrepreneur

Freelancer - 

  • By hiring myself for everything, I have total control and keep my costs low; I also spend all my time working and limit profit by not growing beyond what *I* can do.
  • Freelancing has forced me to be anchored and predictable when I want to be nomadic and exploratory.
  • Doing all of this myself doesn't feel like success; it feels like me being a control freak who's afraid of trusting others.

Entrepreneur - 

  • What I'm good at - researching, presenting, entertaining - I also want to own, so I have to own the structure around my content.
  • I need to create systems that allow tasks to be done NOT by me so that the business model flows smoothly without me pulling all the levers.
  • My business model generates cash flow, I just don't know how to get started in the transition from freelancer to entrepreneur (I believe FUNDING may answer this).

Seths' Blog Question: Why are you doing this at all?

I want Pranalife Yoga to be really successful, and to me that means it makes me a bigger income and creates more opportunities for me to teach to more people, who then go out and teach to more people, and we create a kind of quiet revolution. I want to say "I created that" and have people respect it and love what it gives them - a great experience, and credibility in their field to do what they do successfully.


Business Model Generation

Just got the book. Diving into it now!

March 18, 2014

This Business Model Generation book is not small. Also, I have a lot of material to get through for work in general right now, so it's taking me quite some time to plough through it all. That being said, it has given me some good ideas. Here is where being a solopreneur is hard because I'd love to bounce some of these ideas off of a team who's invested in my business. I've reached out to a few networks I have who are nearby, who could meet with me and do so in real-time. Hopefully they'll be able to jump in and jump-start my energy.

I'm at a point right now where I'm really unsure that my change in business is going to work, I'm exhausted of trying to hack away at it, and I'm really thinking about quitting. I won't. I've been here before and I know how to push through, but this is a tough spot.

March 31, 2014

Business Model Generation is now overdue from the library. I bring it with me each day I sit down to work, but feel overwhelmed by it without having had any tangible reward for my interaction with it, so it gets put on the back burner. I've reached out to my Conquer Club (Natalie MacNeil) online community and a few people have responded, but nothing tangible has come of it. 

In an attempt to stay focused and generative, I've signed up for a coaching group with Uncaged Life's Rebecca Tracey, whom I ADORE. For the month of April, 26 of us will get weekly calls + assignments from Rebecca. I've set my April goal to get 20 people enrolled in the upcoming YTT. That should get me focusing, cutting out time-wasters, and either completing or eliminating to-dos that are just dragging right now.

Funding | Partners | Hiring

I need funding and I desperately want to expand this business beyond just me.

I have a mental block here: CONTROL.

I don't know how to take the first step to relinquish control to others. It feels overwhelming. One of my goals to work on with Rebecca/Uncaged this April is to break down this process into "first this, then this" steps with deadlines. 

April 28, 2014

This is becoming more of a confessional than a log of successes. I signed up with Rebecca Tracey for her Uncage Your Business month-long course and it's been a great way to connect with other entrepreneurs getting clear on what they do, for whom, why, and how. It's helped get my energy back. But the truth is I'm OVERWHELMED. I'm trying to move my business from a week-by-week, in-person trade of my time (teaching) to a legit online business, and it's changing everything. I'm stalling, I'm afraid, and I feel isolated. I do need to hire, or more likely outsource to experts on a contract basis right now. I'm revisiting the Hiring section again bc frankly - FUCK FEAR. Just do the damn thing, Asia.

May 09, 2014

SUCCESS!! Filled 17 spots in my current, in-person YTT and only knew four of them personally, which means that almost 3/4 of my client base right now enrolled in my program for reasons other than having in-person contact with me. 

It. Can. Work.

Also, figured out pricing metrics that make the business model so much more appealing to me and less overwhelming as a whole. I'd been going on a model where I was charging way less than I currently do and hence needing to market to/convert far more people than I have before. That necessity meant I was changing every aspect of my business model and in a lot of ways I wasn't crazy about = demotivating. After working through a few pricing exercises and landing on a way higher per-person rate (with accompanying higher value offered), I'm back to doing what I'm good at: talking to fewer people with greater intimacy and attention to each, and needing far fewer conversions to be profitable. Thank f-n GOD bc I was redesigning my business and almost immediately dreading making it real. 


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