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Yoga Saved My Soul

Hi! I would first off like to say that I really enjoyed this class, Daniel is a great teacher and I hope she teaches more in the near futrure. I was intimidated by this class at first, Im glad I had a change of heart. For someone being fairly new to lettering I am starting to notice that being left-handed may have some challenges when it comes to learning and perfecting letterforms. If anyone else has any thoughts or any experience about this I would love to hear about them.

So also for some reason in my city you cannot buy Tombow markers. I have to either drive an hour or order them online. I went to Michaels to see what I could find (because there are no real art supply stores where I live) and ended up with these Water Brush Pens from Recollections that are very cheap and challenging to work with. I did all my practice letters with that pen and I did enjoy the challenge, but I wish I had a Tombow to practice with. Form my final project I got some other pens from Michaels that are supposed to be the same as the La Plume', but I feel like they wern't the right tool either. Whos knows, maybe it's me not the pens. I also didnt have access to graph paper and a ruler so I just free handed by rows of letters, trying to keep them in line. In the end I feel like I have learned a lot, but I have a long, long, long way to go. 

Here is my process. 

Here is some of the practices pages, I would love to redo them with the proper tools and see if the improve. I also drew most of them while my son slept on my lap.They made a great reference when drawing my final project.



Here are those Water Brush Pens I used.


My sketch for my final project.


This is the other pen I used for my fianl project. When I went back in with the fine tip made it really streaky and it didn't blend well. But I felt lke I had better control than the Water Brush Pens, except the lighter smaller lines were hard to achieve.Maybe I'm holding my pen wrong?


And it's done! I used the smooth side of Coquille paper for it. I feel like it needs some flourishes around it to fill up the empty space and to make it more of a complete though, but I didn't feel confident enough to do it. 




Thanks for looking and I hope to continue learning more and hopefully get better while Im at it. :)


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