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Yoga Pilates Website

I have a freelance client who needs a new Website and I am hoping I can use this class to wrap my head around the endevour. I have plenty of material to work with as there is already content written and I am taking the photographes that will be used on the site. Below is the site navigation based on the current site, which is basic but does the trick.  I'm look towards this class to helping me improve it. 

Header (Logo w/Photo)

What is Pilates?

  • History
  • Terms
  • How to start

Our background

  • Experience (Director's Bio)
  • Philosphy
  • Approach
  • Testimonais


  • Featured Exercise (video)
  • Class in action
  • The studio and apparatus

Learn More

  • Schedule and prices 
  • Contact
  • Directions

Social Media Links

  • Blog,
  • Facebook
  • Newsletter



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