Justin Jones

Designer & Illustrator



Yo!Dog Marketing Logo


I'm working on designing a new logo mark for the company I work for. We are marketing agency based in San Clemente, CA and I've been wanting to do some re-branding of the company ever since I started over a year ago. This seemed like a perfect opportunity and class to experiment with this project!

Since we are called "Yo!Dog" the CEO of the company really wants a Dog Mark.

I wanted to get an active dog of some sort. I think i'm going to go with the puppy on the top right corner to base my design off of. I think a silhouette version of this stance would look good with different ears. 


I moved into the next steps of sketching out different ideas and shapes. Trying to simplify the shape of the dog and move forward from there. I did a lot of sketching...i mean...a lot....

STEP 3: 

I took the idea of one of my sketches and simplified the sketch even more. I wanted to get more of a "jumping dog" style look. 


Added some shading and some extra legs.


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