Patricia Boudrot

PR and Promotions Manager



Yikes! Lost my job of 18 years. Now what?

I lost my job of 18 years because my company went out of business. I believe I stayed too long, and failed to develop some of the skills that I need to get and remain employable over the next ten years. I want some advice where the industry is going, how qualified I am in the current market, what skills are critical now or will be in the near future, etc. so I don’t waste time and money on professional development that won’t make a difference. This e-mail is to a local industry leader, asking for his advice.

Hi Mike,

Brian XXX said that among all his contacts, you are uniquely qualified to assess the big picture of public relations and comment on the industry’s future. I worked for XXXXX for 18 years as PR Manager until the company’s sad demise. I am looking for advice on how to get and stay employable for the next ten years or so.

Right about now you’re probably groaning and rolling your eyes in response to yet another request for your advice, but if I can get on your calendar for a short meeting, I promise to listen closely, respect your time and return the favor sometime soon.


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