Yeti Set Go Promotion Plan

Music Genre: Rock, Alternative

Identity, Vision, Intention: Yeti Set Go is a Seattle-based rock trio that delivers raucous grooves with sardonic lyrics and detailed instrumental work. The band is made up of musicians that take their craft seriously and nothing else. Our intention as a group is to share our music on the Internet to those who don’t consider themselves to be the “cool kids”, laugh at the ridiculousness of the modern world, and project an image of authenticity and relateability.

Target: Our target demographic will likely be young Americans from college up to their early 30s, interested in “nerdy” aspects of pop culture, and appealing to both genders (though we anticipate that most of our followers will be women).

Media I’ll use and why: First and foremost, we’ll be using Instagram to market because we’ve found that most of our followers have come from Instagram in the forms of other bands, solo artists, venues, and local streaming platforms. Since we as individuals are very active on YouTube and rely on it heavily to share our music, we’ll keep using that platform to share live performances and exclusive looks at songs from our album. Facebook has proven to be a lot more difficult to market with, but we hope to change that with using live-streaming Facebook groups and pages such as Socially Distant Fest. As of right now, we don’t foresee ourselves using TikTok since that appeals more to crowds younger than our target demographic. We’ll also probably need to get on Twitter at some point, despite the fact that two of the three band members abhor Twitter.

Skills I’ll need:
1. Marketing to college radio and independent radio stations.
2. Live streaming to Twitch and YouTube
3. Copyrighting our songs
4. Networking with other bands and artists
5. Running a successful Indiegogo campaign
6. Solidifying a band image
7. Marketing to independent music blogs.
8. Selling merchandise and other exclusives.

Yeti Set Go Promotion Plan - image 1 - student project

Celeste Flock
String bender and songwriter