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I've been practicing more calligraphy and decided to try the hunt 56 nib and gold ink (winsor & newton). I'm having some difficulty with the gold ink because the consistency is so different and it doesn't seem to work as well with the nibs. I heard the "brause rose" nib should work better with the metallic consistency but I haven't had a chance to try that yet.

I tried the Winsor & Newton gold and it worked ok but I like the finetec pallete (mica) better. The colors are prettier but it's not so convenient to mix the powder with water and use a brush to add the ink to the nib each time you need to 'reload' the ink.

I also want to buy more different type of black paper/notebooks to try the gold on. So far I've only tried the canson black paper and it's ok.

Even though this isn't perfect, it's reeeally fun to try to play with gold and see so much sparkle!! I'm loving to practice!

Hi, I'm loving this class and trying to practice when I have a chance. I hadn't really tried flourishing as it seems so advanced for a brand new beginner. I know I still have ways to go but at least this was the first time the curves felt a little more flowy than what i have been able to do in the past.

Gotta keep practicing!


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