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Yes it's ALIVE - Ferment Your Own Artisanal Vinegar

Class Description:

Want to make your own delcious vinegars to add to you homemade salad dressing and salads? Are you curious to learn more about the live food and probiotic food movement? Find out why probitics are good for you and learn how to make your own naturally probiotic vinegar.

Learn the basics of fermentation with with me (Tayler Silfverduk), a fermentation enthusiat and previous successful business owner of my own artisanal vinegar company. In this class you will learn how to make your own vinegar using various basic methods of fermentation, necessary equipment and important practices required for a successful brew. Additionally you will learn about the basic health benefits that come with fermenting your own vinegar.

This class is great for people who are looking for a better understanding of "live food" and are looking to try their own hand in fermentation. Don't worry about having a starter culture for this class. While I will touch on the subject, we will be focussing most of our attention on brewing our vinegars with out starter cultures as it is way more fun that way.

Class outline:

My outline

Class Project

The class project will to be to make your own vinegar! For demonstrative and inspirative purposes I will be showing you how to make a tomato basil vinegar however experimentation with other flavors is strongly encouraged!


  • Ideas on different vinegar flavors
  • Pictures of the progress of your fermenting vinegar
  • Pictures of the completed and bottled vinegar
  • Pictures and thoughts of how you use or will use your vinegar!

Introduction Video:


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