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Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

I have always loved this quip out of the famous editorial from the New York Sun. The entire thing l is wonderful. I've always wanted this quote framed in my house somewhere, as a reminder of believing in things unseen. Although the editorial was originally printed in 1897, I thought it would be fun to give it a 1940's vibe. "A Christmas Story" is one of my favorite holiday movies, so I'm hoping to pull some of the elements from that period into this project. I feel like everything is still jumbled in my head. Hope it works out!

A few things from my mood board...

These are mostly concepts for the lettering I like, and I like the idea of following the color pallet of the ornaments above. Any other ideas are welcome!

U P D A T E  - 10/20

Here are the first two styles I've done. Obviously, my spacing needs some help. Lol. I'm leaning more towards the scrpt style so far (it looks a little more feminine).

 U P D A T E 11/3

Finally, I've made time to keep working on this project while my wee one is asleep! I decided to try focusing on the word "Santa". It seemed to make more sense to emphasize that word instead of "Virginia". I like the fancy serif (the last two letters are an experiment with sizing) but it's reminding me of dog bones, lol. Comments and suggestions welcome! Thanks for taking a look and for everyone's kind words so far!

U P D A T E 11/5

Thumbnails: I'm struggling to find a style for my "non script" letters. Ideas are welcome! Thanks so much for everyone's feedback!

U P D A T E 11/11 - S K E T C H 1

Slowly getting my sketches together in between nap times. ;) Here's the first sketch.  More to come!


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