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Yes, I need some shadow practice :D

So, I'm having some sort of mental block when it comes to shadows. Hopefully, with some practice it will click and I'll create mind-blowing trompe l'oeil masterpieces.

But not today!

I haven't done much painting, but I do have two little kids. So I used a handful of their frayed Crayola brushes, some 50-cent craft acrylics, and one of those little gessoed canvas boards (an impulse-buy from a while ago).


I used a 2H pencil to sketch on the board after the color-wash step. 


My paints are those funky colors that form weirdness when they're combined. Plus also, my kids kept interrupting me and every time I returned to my work, the paint was dry. The result: so many layers!



And here's what it looks like now that I'm finally sick of looking at it:


One of the things I love about taking these Skillshare classes is that it forces me out of my comfort zone so I can focus on what techniques I need to practice.

So I will be practicing shadows.

I really enjoyed this one. Jeff, if you teach more classes, I'll be there! 

Thanks, everyone, for reading/looking and I appreciate your thoughts.


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