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Yerba Mate drink || Label Design



At first, I was hesitant to upload this drawing. One of the reasons was that it's not exactly an alone standing illustration. It's more of a frame-like drawing that I created as a label design for a yerba mate based drink. The second reason was that not all the elements in the design are mine. The monoline "frame" is based around the central image of a rooster, the drink's logo, which was not drawn by me.

Although its purpose was not necessarily to create it as a student project as a result of this course, I eventually decided to share it with you guys, because this was my very first attempt at a monoline drawing. And this course helped me a lot to understand the process of creating one.

The main idea behind the drawing was to illustrate all the natural ingredients in the drink: yerba mate leaves, elderflower and kaffir lime. After I finished sketching the frame, I vectorized it using only white lines. After the final frame drawing I added a few colours to it, to make it more lively and popping.

Here are some pictures of the prints on the bottles:







You can see the full project presentation here:

Thanks for taking a look!

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