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Margaret Kellogg

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Yellow rose attempt

This is my yellow rose.  Also free hand, I put a little bit of a lavendar wash in the background because purple and yellows/oranges are complimentary to each other.  I really like the way the leaves came out.  I also did a yellow rosebud that I haven't finished so I will have to take a picture later.  My son planted some rose bushes and the yellow one just happens to be blooming right now as we are having snow storms in Fairbanks, AK. They are tea roses and smell amazing.  So these are my inspiration.





This is free hand and not traced but I didn't have the other items the instructor had. I had a real rose to look as so I tried to do it from that. I have a beautiful yellow rose just opening up and a couple still budding so I will have something to look at.


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