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Melinda Klein

Motion Designer & Photographer



Yellow Lab & Scottish Fold Cat

I'm planning on doing a yellow lab walking cycle, based on one of my dogs. I want him to be trotting along like a happy little fellow. I plan on also creating a version of myself to go with him, perhaps chasing after him.

This is just the basic character design. Now to bring him into After Effects!

(Note that I love this class and idea, so you may be bombarded with many other walking/running characters!)

UPDATE: So here is my Yellow Lab Animation. I still want to work on his legs a bit more, and I plan on doing a few other breeds of dogs as well to put in a different animation together. I thought adding a little blink would add to the cuteness factor.

I'm also going to add in a looping background later on.

UPDATE: Fixed walk cycle. Now he is walking like a real dog and not like having two pairs of human legs :P

So I really liked the idea of doing an animal. I intend to do more dogs, but since I was creating an animation with a cat in it, I thought I'd post it here as well.

Here is my Scottish Fold Cat. He's not doing a walk cycle, but I'm animating his facial features, ears and tail. 


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