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Yee Family Crest

The Yee Family Crest. This is a crest that is a tribute to my Grandpa, Jon-Tun Yee and the store that he owned in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Loyal Tea Room unfortuantely is no longer running but is still apart of our family's history as well as in the memory of many of the towns residents. That store was the pride and joy of my grandpa's it gave him the finances to support his 6 children and wife as well as give him money to support his hobby of stamp and coin collecting. 

This is a simple family crest that although simple I think honours the memory of my grandpa and I think he would of loved it if he were here. 


-The Loyal Tea Room

-My Great Grandma's Famous Burgers she made for customers at The Loyal Tea Room

-Stamp that symbolizes my grandpa's hobby as well as Regina

-Chopsticks, well because that was the only utensil my granpa would ever use


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